April 2011

April in Paris New York

So, we didn’t quite get the chance to strike a visit to the Eiffel Tower off of our list this year. I hear it is the place to see in April, but alas, not this year.

Instead, we visited New York City. It can be fun to “visit” the city you spend lots of time in. I’ve worked in the city twice in my career and have walked, run, biked, or driven most of the city from Wall Street to Washington Heights.

This “staycation” we stayed mid-town on the east side. We walked, visited touristy sites, caught a play, a jazz set, did a little shopping.

We stayed up late, and slept late, and found plenty of time to recharge.

Paris will have to wait. This year, we were “stuck” visiting the greatest city in the world. April in New York is not so bad.

We’re booking lots of fun senior portrait shots this month. The studio is always ready and we are getting more and more color for shooting outside. We’re available for your portrait work and events. Lets talk about it!

Enjoy your April.

There is always more to the story.




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