February 2011

(Your Name Here) is for lovers!

There once was a popular slogan; Virginia is for Lovers! It was used to generate tourism to the state. After all, who wouldn’t want to go to the state specifically for lovers and surround themselves with love?  Who wouldn’t want to be the representative for love?  What in the world is better than love?

February is the month we recognize lovers.  Here is my Valentine’s playlist for you.  All of the songs have LOVE in their title and reflect the positive side of love and romance.  If you are in love, or just heavy “like”, or one day hope to be in love then the following lists are for you to enjoy.

Let’s start with the faster songs.  Songs where you could get your groove on and get close to someone special on the dance floor:

Never Knew Love Like This; The Glow of Love; Love Sensation; I Love You; My Love is Free; Love is the Message; and Break for Love.

Once you proved your point, that you have a connection, and you’re more than a one hit wonder:

Could it be I’m Falling in Love; For the Love of You; Can’t Hide Love; What is Love; Someone to Love; and Send One Your Love.

Ok, so now you get a few dates and you start having feelings for real:

My First Love; I do Love You; Love Ballad; Say You Love Me; If You Love Me; We Both Deserve Each Others Love; I Just Called to Say I Love You; and especially this month – Valentine Love.

No more tests, no more apprehension, your are in it for the long haul:

We’re in this Love Together; All About Love; This is for the Lover in You; When Somebody Loves You Back; and Lovin’ You.

You have a log history of love, you remember anniversaries, birthdays, and other important events:

Rocket Love; All this Love; Someone to Love; For Your Love; and I Love Me Some Him.

To love and be loved; no matter what state you are in, mentally or physically ,there’s nothing better than love. Love one another!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

There is always more to the story.




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